Tempoary Restraining Orders

TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER There are four types of Restraining orders 1.Domestic Abuse. 2. Harassment 3. Child Abuse. 4. Vulnerable Adult. A Temporary Restraining Order is a protection order by the court to provide immediate temporary relief to ensure safety. What type of relationship? The petitioner and the respondent are adult family members (spouse, parent, or person related by blood or adoption) or former spouse; adult with whom person has a child in common; adult with whom petitioner has or had a dating relationship (romantic and/or intimate social relationship); respondent is an adult caregiver to the adult petitioner and also, an adult guardian of a vulnerable adult may file for the petitioner if petitioner and respondent have one of the above relationships. What kind of crime? Intentional infliction of physical pain, injury or illness, intentional impairment of physical condition or violation of 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree sexual assault, or damage to petitioner’s property that threat to engage in any of the above four behaviors/conduct. In addition, the TRO must allege imminent danger of harm. Where do I file? Call the Women’s Thunderbird House for more information


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