Help me I want to die

In Harms Way

Suicide in America

In 2000, suicide was the leading cause of death in the U.S.. Specifically, 10.6 out of every 100,000 persons died by suicide. The total number of suicides was 29,350 or 1.2 percent of all deaths. Suicide deaths outnumbered homicide deaths by five to three. It is estimated that there may be from eight to 25 attempted suicides per every on suicide death.

Woman report attempting suicide during their lifetime about three times as often as men. About four times as many men as women die by suicide. Suicide by firearm is the most common method for both men and woman accounting for 57 percent of all suicides in 2000.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds it is also the 3rd leading cause of death among children ages 10-14. This also includes five times as many males as females.

Suicide among people 20-24 years of age, the suicide rate was 12.8 per 100.000 young adults, with seven times as many deaths among men as among women.

Older adults, individuals age 65 and older accounting for 18 percent of all suicide deaths in 2000.

If someone is suicidal, he or she must not be left alone. Try to get the person to seek help immediately from his or her doctor or the nearest hospital emergency room, or call 911. It is also important to limit the person’s access to firearms, medications, or other lethal methods for suicide.

We can help….. just comment below…write….or call….your not alone!


5 responses to “Help me I want to die

  1. Nish,
    If you need to talk call me at 1-800-236-7660. I can listen and I can assist you in other ways. I am here to help. Just call…..

  2. I’ve been wanting to die for a while. Today ive packed my bag with everything i need to go. I tried to take an overdose before, i was scared, this time round im 21 and not scared. Ive been sexually used by my bf of 4 years, on my 21st i found out he’d been chaeting for months. I have just left after 2 years of uni, I have had a lot of problems with my my biological parents, my mother is a manic depressive and i have never lived with her. My bf was my pillar of support through my personal problems, and now i just cant cope.

  3. Karen,
    Last night I read an amazing piece written by Sylvia Browne, in a book called THE OTHER SIDE AND BACK.
    On page 74….she writes ” Tools of protection. I use them everyday. I recommend that everyone use them everyday…..They are a constant reminder that at your core you are sacred, eternal spirit, created by God. His genetic heir…….page 75
    Remember, what ever you “accept,” you’re declaring “acceptable.” In my situation, once I caught on to my own false-ego urge to win and reconnected with my own “I am” and my own divine God center-and, even more, the God centers of my two beautiful children, who deserve a safe and happy a home as I could offer them.”
    Karen it sounds like you need someone to listen please call 1(800)236-7660, we are here for you!

  4. Please do not be so hard on yourself. You have taken the time to write a message. Grief and love
    know no terms of time. Give yourself a chance.
    Please love your children enough not to leave with this legacy. Life and love are for the living. Pray to the Creator for strength and patience to see goodness in your life. Please call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)

  5. Hello,

    My ex husband, my son’s father died on July 18th of this year. It was my fault you see I left him. I left him along, all alone and he killed himself. My kids don’t deserve a mother like me, I can’t even get a decent job to support them. The only reason that I am still here after the 3 months that it has been since my exhusband died is that up unti this point I have not had the guts to do any thing about it. But as time goes by I realize that things are never going to get any better. I am not crazy or disturbed mentally. I am a college educated, hard working individual that honestly sees no better future in site and frankly I am sick and tired of trying with nothing good ever happening.

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