Domestic Violence Facts

Behind closed doors our families are being torn apart by violence. The privacy that protects the family also hides the pain, suffering and terror of violence against women.

* Every 18 seconds, somewhere is the U.S.A. a woman is beaten, according to the FBI. With every passing minute, 3 more woman are beaten.

* 30 % of women who are murdered die at the hands of husbands or lovers. (1982 FBI study).

* 25 % of suicide attempts by women are related to battering (Stark and Flitcraft, “Domestic Violence and Female Suicide”).

* 50 % of all injuries presented by women in emergency rooms are the result of abuse: 21 % of all women who use emergency services are battered.

* 50 % of men who batter their partners also abuse their children (Lenore Walker, The Battered Women Syndrome, 1984).

* 80 % of abusers experienced or witnessed abuse while they were growing up (Walker, 1984).

* There are 660 battered women for each available shelter space in Wisconsin.

Domestic violence effects us all. It’s not a shame, it’s a crime. We all have a responsibility to find our own ways of helping to build better non-violent communities.


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