Wisconsin 2002, 42 lives gone forever….

1/06/02-female shot to death by boyfriend/ 34 years old Fond du lac, WI

1/08/02-female shot twice in the head by her husband/34 years old Saukeville, WI

1/11/02-male shot in the head while beating his girlfriend/32 years old Milwaukee, WI

1/23/02-male bludgeoned by new girlfriends estranged husband/ 29 years old Milwaukee, WI

2/01/02-2 females shot and killed by ex-boyfriend/ 21 years  old and 18 years old Wausau, WI

2/04/02-female shot in the back of her head by her husband/57 years old Medford, WI

2/06/02-male stabbed to death by step son for beating his mother/34 years old, Appleton, WI

3/05/02-female shot to death by her husband/46 years old Mayville,WI

3/08/02-2 females shot rand0om acts/age 36 & age 19 Milwaukee, Wi

3/26/02-male shot to death by girlfriend/45 years old Arkdale, WI

3/30/02-female shot in the head by her children’s father all four children were witnesses/Milwaukee,WI

4/06/02-female stabbed to death by her boyfriend while 3 year old watched from closet/24 years old Altoona, WI

4/11/02-female shot to death by her ex-boyfriend/30 years old Chippewa Falls, WI

6/03/02-male stabbed to death by ex-girlfriend/38 years old Milwaukee, WI

6/17/02-female throat cut strangled raped/17 years old Shawano, WI

6/18/02-male by machine while parents were fighting/8 years old Kenosha, WI

7/04/02-female stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend/38 years old Milwaukee, WI

7/20/02-male stabbed to death by ex-girlfriend/37 years old Milwaukee, WI

7/23/02-female beaten to death by boyfriend/49 years old Milwaukee, WI

8/02/02-male stabbed to death by girlfriend during a fight/40 years old Glendale, WI

8/06/02-male stabbed during an argument with girlfriend/22 years old Madison, WI

8/06/02-female shot twice in the head by her husband/80 years old Manitowac, WI

8/18/02-female shot 6 times by her boyfriend/20 years old Milwaukee, WI

8/31/02-female shot to death by her husband/81 years old Kenosha, WI

9/01/02-female bludgeoned and strangled by partner/27 years old Sparta, WI

9/10/02-female head slammed and crushed into concrete by her child’s father/27 years old  Milwaukee, WI

9/12/02-female & male both shot to death by ex-husband/34 years old & 37 years old Town of Lake, WI

9/17/02-female beaten to death head crushed by boyfriend/46 years old Mondovi, WI

10/07/02-female shot raped and left in cornfield by her boyfriend/33 years old Madison, WI

10/25/02-male shot in the head by ex-wife’s new husband/42 years old Downsville, WI

11/05/02-female run over and left to die under the car by her boyfriend/29 years old Milwaukee, WI

11/11/02-female shot and killed by partners brother/hate crime/36 years old Milwaukee, WI

11/17/02-female died of acute asthma attack while her mother was being beaten to death by her father/14 years old Janesville, WI

11/28/02-female beat with mallet strangled and raped by boyfriend/22 years old Milwaukee, WI

12/13/02-male beat to death by daughter in-law/70 years old Milwaukee, WI

12/24/02-male stabbed by girlfriend/54 years old Greenfeild, WI


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