Power and Control and the Law

Wisconsin State Statutes

Crimes of Physical Violence

940.19(1)-(6) Battery-Simple, Substantial, Aggravated

939.32(1)&(3) Attempted Battery

940.20(1m) Battery to Person Subject to restraining order or Tribal Order

940.21 Mayhem

940.23 Reckless injury

940.24 Injure by Negligent Handling Dangerous Weapon

Crimes of Sexual Violence

940.225(1) First degree sexual assault

940.225(2) Second Degree Sexual Assault

940.225(3) Third Degree Sexual Assault

940.225(3m) Fourth Degree Sexual Assault

Using Coercion & Threats

943.30 Threats to injure or accuse of crime

940.42-45 Intimidation of Victim/Witness

941.23 Carrying Concealed Weapon

946.31 & 939.30 Solicitation to Commit Perjury

Using Intimidation

940.32 Stalking

940.42-45 Intimidation of Victim/Witness

943.14 Criminal tresspass to Dwelling

947.013 Harrassment

941.24 Possession of Switchblade Knife

Using Emotional Abuse

941.30 Recklessly Endangering Safety

943.01 Damage of Property

947.013 Harassment

951.02 Mistreating Animals

Using Isolation

940.30 False Imprisonment

940.305 Taking Hostage

940.31 Kidnapping

943.14 Criminal Trespass to Dwelling

942.05 opening Letters

Minimizing Denying & Blaming

946.41 Resisting or Obstructing an Officer

947.01 Disorderly Conduct

Using Children

940.31 Kidnapping

940.32 Stalking

Ch.948 Crimes Against Children

948.31 Interference with Custody

Using Male Privilege

941.01 Negligent Operation of Vehicle

941.20 Endangering Safety by Use of Dangerous Weapon

931.30 Recklessly Endangering Safety

943.01 Criminal Damage of Property

Using Economic Abuse

943.20 Theft

943.38  Forgery

943.02 Arson

943.10 Burglary

943.32 Robbery

943.39(2) Fraudulent Writings

940.285 Abuse to Vulnerable Adult

The following crimes might fit any of the behaviors listed on the wheel:

Chapter 813 Violation of a restraining order, including foreign orders of protection

939.05 Parties to Crime

939.24 Criminal Recklessness

939.25 Criminal Negligence

939.30 Solicitation

939.31 Conspiracy

939.32 Attempting Crimes

939.46 Coercion

946.49 Bail Jumping

947.01 Disorderly Conduct

940.42-45 Intimidation of Victim/Witness

940.31 Stalking

947.013 Harassment

947.012 Unlawful Use of Telephone

947.0125 Unlawful use of Computerized Communication System

940.285 Abuse of Vulnerable Adult

943.30 Threats to Injure



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