Common Characteristics of a Stalker

  • Jealous
  • Narcissistic
  • Obsessive and compulsive
  • Falls “instantly” in love
  • Manipulative
  • Does not take responsibility of own feelings or actions
  • Needs to have control over others
  • Socially awkward or uncomfortable
  • Views self as a victim of society, family and others
  • Unable to take “no” for an answer
  • Deceptive
  • Often switches between rage and “love”
  • Difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality
  • Sense of entitlement (“You owe me…”)
  • Unable to cope with rejection
  • Dependent on others for sense of “self”
  • Views his or her problems as someone else’s fault
  • May be of above average intelligence

2 responses to “Common Characteristics of a Stalker

  1. Shannon – Do try to be there for your friend, but if there is any physical violence or you and your friend become to scared, contact the police, to have documentation on file. Have your friend file a domestic violence restraining order (friend-dating relationship, harassment order (self-no dating relationship). Do begin to document the contacts with your friend’s ex and suggest she does the same. Ask your friend why she continues the contact with the ex. Is she in fear of what he might do and feels as though if she has contact with him, she knows what he is up to. Be careful and let other people, co-workers, supervisors know of the behavior of the person and your fears. Make a safety plan with your friend. Remember the person has displayed violent and unpredictable behaviors. Call 911, your local police department, nearest domestic violence program
    if you and/or friend are in imminent danger. Keep trying to convince your friend of the characteristics of a stalker and the danger she may be in. Keep safe.

  2. my friend has an ex that meets all of these traits. she wont stop talking to him even after i read them to here. what should i do. because he has threatened me as well.

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