What should do if I am sexually assaulted?

Sexual assault is neither “asked for” nor deserved. “Giving in” to sexual activity is NOT the same as consenting. Do what you must to survive. A victim is NEVER responsible for an assault. Do not blame yourself for being assaulted.

  1. Go immediately to a safe place. Try not to damage potential evidence. Do not bathe, wash, shower, douche, or change or discard cloths.
  2. Strongly consider reporting the assault to the police.
  3. Strongly consider making contact with your local sexual assault treatment center or rape crisis center. They can assist you with information, support, and counseling whether or not you call the police. Any contact you have with them is completely confidential.

Don’t worry about insurance…go to the Emergency Room near you. State VOCA will pay for a sexual assault exam. Pressing charges and convicting the person who harmed you is very important…and yes call us from where ever your at and we can be there or find  a victim advocate near you to help you and support you in the process, Just call…..1-800-236-7660


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