Plea for Help!

Tashina Cheyenne Vaughn General went missing Jan 22 ,2008, her body was found April 25th 2008. She had been murdered as reported by the Brantford Expositor( strangled)she was buried in a shallow grave covered with tree branches on the property of her former boyfriend.  Tashina was in her first trimester of pregnancy.She was 21 years old.She had already named her baby “Tucker” .

I , along with Indigenous Elders &youth Council ,Native Womens’ Assoc.of Canada and other agencies dealing with violence came together and organized a memorial walk July 5th 2008. We are planning another walk for justice on August 30,2008 here at Six Nations Grand River Territory in Ontario.The walk for justice ,sisters in spirit began in Vancouver B.C.and are walking to Ottawa to present the issues of violence against native women and to begin an Inquiry on all deaths of native women . I spoke with the organizer of the walk and explained the death of my granddaughter and asked them to do a presentation in our community .they agreed. The agenda is presently being developed .
As the iroquois Nation ,we are matrilineal and my daughter Denise will not have the opportunity to have a grandchild to carry forth the Wolf  clan as Tashina was her only daughter .
In Canada ther is no law to protect unborn children. AS ongwehoweh/Haudenasaunee , aniishnabe  nations we understand our pregnant women and the the  baby are sacred and when the baby is conceived and the heart beats, the baby is alive .

We, the family of Tashina demand  as native people to uphold our rights that those coming faces ,yet unborn to this earth walk have life within the womb, the heart beats and has already been assigned a responsibility .
We are moving to establish a law “Tuckers Law” that will addresse the sacred life of the unborn and the death of that sacred life through violence be also a haneous crime and punisable by LAw .

The person charged with Tashina’s murder is charged only Second degree murder and remains in custody . The next appearence in court is Aug. 29,2008.  The  person is not charged with the death of the unborn child “Tucker ”
I am requesting support in this matter

Nya Weh

Norma General
wolf clan Cayuga Nation


2 responses to “Plea for Help!

  1. Thank-you…pass it on!

  2. Your plea is heard more widely than you may know. Certainly all life is sacred, and my prayers are with you as you push for this realization and law to pass.

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