I have added two new categories. This is your forum to enlighten readers to your experiences with being a victim or being victimized. It may be how you feel being bullied. You may have a problem with how you are being treated by civil servants who are supposed to be protecting you. You may feel like you need to express yourself when your pain is overwhelming. You may have words of encouragement. You may be all alone and desire a forum…here it is.

It is up to you if you are eighteen and older to leave your name. If you are not eighteen and have a story please get consent from your parents or caregiver. If it is a poem you choose to write please do…..

Remember your not alone.




One response to “NEW CATAGORIES!

  1. She is an indigenous foreigner.
    Waiting for everyone to have their share before she takes anything for herself.
    She has seen eighty winters.
    She has seen five generations.
    She has seen her children born and die.
    She has seen her children rise and fall.
    She has seen their children born and die.
    Teaching tell me we put flowers at her feet while she is alive not on her grave.
    She is waiting for her share…….

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