Letter to Change Government

Dear Mr. President and V.C. Mr. Biden:

My real name in English is Standing in the Moonlight my English name is Julienne Xene Laverdure Cross.
I am a human being. I have suffered a great deal in my life. I was at Mission School and went to Boarding Schools. It is because of poverty that my sons all joined the Army so they could attend College. The U.S. Government has left us with a mortgage in Federal Student Loans to attend college. I am an enrolled tribal member as half Indian my son’s as a fourth. I must ask you to see that the Native American census and blood quantum police at the Department of Interior correct that injustice and quantify exactly what blood degree I am, correct the genocide. My grandfather, Whapishtikwaan, arranged marriages to keep our blood pure. Research of our family tree I am actually seven eighth’s Anishnaabe, (Ojibwe-Chippewa), is not historically original but interpreted translated by non-Indian priest and conquistadors. I am of the Algonquin Family. My band the Turtle Mountain Plains Pembina Band in Belcourt, North Dakota had enrolled Metis and Cree in the mid 1900’s for the purpose of Health, Education and Welfare. Now we are 33.000 strong and we live on a 12 x 7 reservation. You cannot have anymore of our land. I will be first to stand up in front of your guns if you try, this is my word and I honor my words. Indian people have a hard time trusting and if you know your history, it is understandable only action can justify all the many wrongs done to us. The trust responsibility to tribes has been negligent in many ways including, Health, Education and Welfare

I traveled across the United States recently. I saw immigrants of all races owning their own homes and businesses. Indian people cannot go to banks for home loans and business loans. We have frequently gone to banks to obtain 184 loans under the Bureau of Indian Affairs; the microscope of credit is abundant and overwhelming. I could have all my taxes paid to the federal government and state, medical bills paid, not defaulted on my student loans and an issue exemption is always presented by bank loan providers. HUD keeps us oppressed and is not culturally conducive to our way of life. NAHASDA must jump through the hoops of The Department of Interior where I as a human being am under the category of a natural resource .The recent scandal at the Department of Interior needs to be seriously scrutinized and restructured. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on a bathroom can build a National Native American Healing Center with Culture and Art. Misuse of monies allocated to Tribes needs scrutiny, justice served to the Native American people by ousting the old, and amending the out dated laws that deny us our rights to self-governance and determination. No Committee’s please they are impudent. There are people that can talk the talk but walking the talk and applying action are two different things. We as Indian people do not get the federal monies allocated to us by the U.S. Government because of misuse at a United Sates Federal Government Level as in monies laundered on behalf of Native Americans that never reach Indian County because of bathrooms of the Department of Interior. They themselves have neglected their responsibility to our roads and our people are dying from their neglect.

Crimes and our authority to apply tribal law needs to be applicable on our level. We can no longer subject our people to the States. Many of our people suffer from historical trauma. Many of our people are sitting in prisons with mental health issues that need healing through identity empowerment in a traditional manor. Assimilation has perpetrated a reflection in the mirror that is disfigured, ostracized and unworthy of life, an interior paradigm of self.  Because of poverty, substance abuse and mental health father’s and mother’s are in prison for their inability to support their children. Boarding schools, mission schools, relocation, Catholicism, ignorance, discrimination, bias, perpetrated by Church and State is penetrating a beautiful way of life struggling to re cooperate. When kill the Indian in the child is applied, the result is broken families and communities. Our struggle every day is working to put in place our traditional beliefs; where equality of gender balances, children, elders, women, men, community, and extends to all tribes and the earth is all of our priority. Every day I work with domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse and pain. I am an artist who cannot paint but see the beauty everyday and a Nation that has no history because we wrote our history in the earth and in our language. North American history prior 1942 destroyed by the cities, and assimilation. Our elders are dying our language is the history of North America. We have been major contributors to the world and we have one day of recognition I ask for a month. Our discrimination perpetrated by the history taught in schools that begin with Columbus the message is savages, red beasts, pagans; this is where I read who I am, at mission school. Ignorance, the reason that in the twentieth century, I can read on a blog site and I quote from a New York blogger recently, “I thought reservations were like zoos”. I cried when I witnessed my son at a Christmas program portrayed Native American contribution historically to Wisconsin. I am, first of all, a Native American it is the foundation from which I live. I have a site I developed to help Victims of Crime at https://xene.wordpress.com.

Whether or not we agree or disagree the importance of listening and hearing our voices on a National Level continue to make the world aware of the injustices we as Turtle Island’s inherent speaker’s and owner’s of her well being. The United States Government is fraudulent. The United States Constitution does not apply the codes or rule of law to Sovereign Nations, the principles are not applied. No treaty honored to the Indigenous of Turtle Island. What happens will enlighten a world profoundly ignorant of the injustices that Governments have subjected us to as human beings and continue to deny their roles in the continued oppression and genocide.
In my many years of life I have not met one Native American born inhuman and without great heart and passion for life as well as great compassion for all creatures gracious of the wonderment of the natural world. I believe INDIAN PEOPLE ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH….IT’S AT OUR CORE.

From the first day conquistadors set foot on our Island we have harbored and protected them; the result is diseases that inflict us today such as substance abuse, violence, sexual abuse, childhood diseases, diabetes, suicide, a result of historical trauma and chemicals unnatural to us before 1942. Chemicals, deviant foreign cultural behaviors unnatural to our existence prior invasion and our inability to conceive or evolve to handle them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually continue to cycle spun by poverty, ostracism, discrimination, denial not of our own, ignorance, bias, hatred and prejudice. Governments do not want the world to know they used sacred entities like the Catholic Papal Bull and Constitutions to lawfully commit crimes against Native Americans like murder, germ warfare, torture, on a people and children pure in heart to fulfill their greed and invoke manifest destiny. Who has given you the divine right to subject human beings to concentration camps or bury them dismembered in mass graves in Canada at Mission Schools, “live children born from children fathered by priest thrown in graves”? Why are there still Indian boarding schools in the United States when we can have our own schools? Why must most of our people live on a poverty diet that kills us early? Why are you still killing our brothers and sisters the wolf, the buffalo, the Eagle, the winged animals and the water animals? Why can I not cross the border of Canada to participate in ceremonies inherent to us without border patrol going through my sacred instruments? Why do I need a passport when I cannot afford one? Is not a tribal enrollment I.D. number, social security number, and the tattoo between my eyes a testament to survival of boarding school enough to testify that I love my mother the earth and mean no human being any harm. I am not a pagan I believe in God. The spirit of my creator is in all living life, from the stars to the grain of sand. We are all servants of each other and our importance is equal. A generation apart Native People lived to be way over one hundred years old today many die before their forty-five.


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