To: I want to die help me do it….and my son died I want to die.

First of all, your life is sacred. You are created by God and you have a purpose in this circle of life. LOVE YOURSELF…WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND YOUR SELF!

The whole world relates the color red or crimson to love. In you is your blood that the creator has colored love.

When you awaken in the morning the creator colors the dawn with crimson his message is today ” I LOVE YOU!”

Native American people believe that during one days time referred to as a red day, is a life time. Each moment is precious and every breath is a gift. The night is called a blue day every dream a gift.

Your children are not your own, you do not own them, they are a gift. I lost a son at three years old his name was Parris Lee Laverdure. His Indian name is Giimiiwaan (rain). He is connected to me through umbilical, his spirit is always beside me. His gift to me is this uderstanding and the time he graced me with his presense will live in me as precious and I am grateful to the creator for this gift. Your son is there with you your greif he feels. You must continue to be a strong mother to him so that he can be happy to enjoy his relatives in that place that is veiled by human eyes. Believe that you will see him again and today do what you would have done for him for another son not of your own.

The Creator God in the dusk of the upcoming blue day will remind you that you are loved in the crimson that graces us as human beings.


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