Strangulation & Suffocation

Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence Legal Department, does not constitute legal advice.

Strangulation accounts for 10% of all violent deaths annually in the U.S> To completely close the Trachea, thirty-three pounds of pressure must exerted per square inch. However, only 11 pounds of pressure placed on both carotid arteries for 10 seconds causes loss od consciousness. There are four different types of strangulation: manual, chokehold, ligature and hanging. Manual choke hold and ligature are used by perpetrators of domestic violence against their victims. Unlike the others, hanging is self inflicted. Strangulation can result in a variety of symptoms, although many survivors have no minimal visible external symptoms. Some injuries, such as memory loss, will only be able to be identified upon further examination. many strangulation victims do not remember being strangled, or will not offer that information, unless the are specifically asked.
Manual (also called throttling): The use of bare hands.
Chokehold (also called sleeper hold): Elbow bend compression.
Ligature (also known as garroting): Use of a cordlike object, such as a rope, belt, chain, clothing (pantyhose, bra, tie), etc.
Hanging: Self inflicted.


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