Mother of starved infant had faced earlier charges

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Crocker Stephenson

Vera Morehouse, who police say allowed her infant son to starve to death, was charged earlier with intentionally running over the child’s father weeks before a case worker left her children with her without providing additional safety services, according to court records and a report released Friday.
Morehouse was charges earlier in April with misdemeanor neglect….one of her children a 6 year old boy was found sleeping on a playground bench near her apartment at about 7 p.m., Morehouse was not home.

…..Milwaukee Child Welfare was notified….the 6th referral the bureau had received….since 2005 and the second that month.
…..It is unclear if, the caseworker was aware Morehouse had been charged March 29 with second-degree recklessly endangering safety.
According to the complaint filed in the case, Morehouse loaded her children into her car looking for their father…..she found him with his girlfriend…..she tried to drop the children off with him…..he refused….she took the children out of the car…..drove over the curb…..children watching…..and hit him…..he landed on the hood smashing the windshield.
Morehouse was pregnant at the time with a son born June 1…..the boy spent most of his life strapped into a car seat, and died of starvation.
…..among the findings is that the caseworker had not tried hard enough to help the family.
“The failure to act is inexcusable”, said Cyrus Behroozi, Children and Families Administrator.
Less than two months after her son’s death on September 20, Morehouse attacked and stabbed babies father’s pregnant girlfriend she was charged with substantial battery while armed……she threatened her and stated she was going to kill her and “stomp the baby out of her”…..the girlfriend ran and got stabbed in the buttocks.
Morehouse was also charged with violating a restraining order filed by the girlfriend two days earlier.


One response to “Mother of starved infant had faced earlier charges

  1. Another horrifying example of child lackofprotection and disservice. I knew a woman whose ex horribly abused the child and CPS ignored her and her child’s reports. Not surprisingly, the case worker appeared as a guest and friend at a pool party bbq the abusive ex was throwing. They’re still friends.

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