Wisconsin Black Infant Death Rate Is Worst In The Unites States

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Follow Up of God Bless The Child
STORY BY Guy Boulton

The former dean of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health calls it “a silent tragedy.”
Wisconsin a State that ranks high in the overall health of its population, has the highest rate of infant mortality among African-Americans in the country.
In fact, the African-American infant in Wisconsin is three more times likely to die in his or her first year than a white infant.
And nearly three fourths of the deaths take place in Milwaukee.
The Wisconsin Partnership Program announced last week that it is committing $10 Million over the next five years to fund projects designed to lower infant mortality in the state.
Each year, the number of infants who die within one year of birth exceeds the number of homicides in the city. And in some parts of Milwaukee, an African-American child has less chance of living beyond his or her first birthday than an infant in Albania, Sri Lanka or Thialand.
“It’s a disgraceful situation,” said Phil Ferrell, former dean of the UW medical school and a professor of pediatrics and population health sciences. “And it’s time to do something about it.”
Tina mason Milwaukee gynecologist says:
Infant mortality is considered a “sentinel indicator” of a community’s overall well being and is intertwined with widespread poverty.
To succeed the initiative will have to go beyond ensuring that women receive proper prenatal care, ….”You have to impact what’s happening within the community.”
The initiative will need to look at racism, segregation, unemployment, inadequate housing, education,urban stress, teen pregnancy and even the sense of hopelessness pervasive in many African-American neighborhoods.
What do I think….sounds a lot like Indian Country, where in some area’s unemployment is between 75% and 90%.


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