Bill aims to curtail use of Indian Logos

Schools would be fined for symbols judged offensive.

Associated Press
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Tuesday February 24, 2009

The bill calls for the state Department of Public Instruction to investigate complaints about race based names, nicknames, logos or mascots.
School boards would have a chance to argue the logos or mascots don’t discriminate or amount to harassment or stereotyping.
“It’s 2009. It’s time we put this behind us. It’s the Native American’s heritage first and foremost. If they’re not feeling honored, then it’s time to get rid of it,” said the bill’s author, Rep. Jim Soletski (D-Green Bay).
I could use the term (SQUAW) being taken off of our roads, lakes and highways, also. This is a term that non-Indians used to imply vagina’s when they spoke of Native American Women.


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