My Opinion NDN STYL

I read many books by many authors. A thought or a think may stay with me. I interpret quotes like this “Tribes may be but a stick before a tank” by Vine Deloria as follows:
First of all, I’ve written about this theory on the web,
Awaken The Sleeping Giant.
I am Anishanaabe, I am not the non-Indian interpretation as in Otjipwe, and so on. It is my experience that there is power in our original language and I have witnessed this in our ceremonies.
I would like to submit a peace treaties to my brothers and sisters of the Great Sioux Nation…..the Nakota, Lakota and Dakota. I have two sons of yours. One is Impetu Luta Hokshela, named by Orville Looking Horse”s father (if I remember correctly Stanley) in Green Grass S.D. 23 years ago. I did not ask him he sent an interpreter to me as I helped with the Sun Dance. It was a time he mentioned handing down the sacred pipe to Orville. Impetu has completed six years in the National Guard and at 25 working on his thesis to become a Doctor of Psychology. The other a hero I will not mention.
We have had a long history together. I recently watched Bury My Heart In Wounded Knee, again. This is a painful movie for me. We have walked that journey together when we think of Anna Mae and many others.
When I think of the
stick it is part of a tree. This tree being those Sovereign Nations in the United States that have Jurisdiction over their Tribal memberships and limited lawful abilities to govern or adopt ordinances in the best interest of their membership.
When I think of the dominant society primarily the lawmakers of State and Government who continue to be ruled by special interest or their own ego’s, these injustices to humanity continue. Not only injustices to humanity but also the natural world, in which we Indigenous of Turtle Island know in our teachings and prophecies are inherently responsible as keepers. “WE ARE TO LEAVE NO TRACKS.” This meant we take only what we need and return what we take from our mother the Earth. This tree has the ability to be an example of humane leadership and improve and protect the natural world.
This tree could become greater than that tank. It’s roots may spread through-out Turtle Island. In order to become this tree we must come to- gather or stand as one heart and mind. Our number must be as one. Our nations must be as one. Our Laws must be as one. Our children and those not yet born must be protected as One.
We once respected and understood that those that were born with same sex interest were special and we held them up. Why do we continue to subject them to the same bias as Christian America. They are our people and they must leave our small societies from persecution and go into the persecution of cities in the U.S. They are dying and contracting Aids. They are bringing this disease home to our people. Is our attitude so assimilated that we feel it is their just deserves or have we forgotten that the creator is in the spirit of all living creation including that unseen? Let them marry in our Tribal Courts.
Those that call themselves the lost tribe that are in the urban area’s. Those that we know when we see them that they are Indigenous, the children, the young adults in the system that assert lawful authority over them are getting abused sexually and physically in foster homes and in the streets. We can adopt them as tribal members and protect them under the Indian Child Wefare Act or our own tribal authority. Give them their spiritual names and begin to undue the genocide.
I know we are told by our elders that we cannot write certain things and I know why. These things are spiritual it is and always has been in our spirit to do what is right and just for the good of all even that tree has value equal to you and me.
We are told not to write things down because it breaks that connection from your heart and mind that promotes the acts that are just in the spirit of the law. It is Indoctrination and it is evident in the wars killing humanity around the globe and the disconnect between the DNC, RNC, and our own tribal leadership, it is a fruitless tree.


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