Torture and Abuse of a Child

Portage police found extension cords, pliers and a brand new hacksaw, shovel and a rake inside that Portage home. Clerc told the police the pliers were used to torture a 11 year old boy who was found locked in an upstairs closet inside a bedroom.
The search warrant says the closet where the abused 11 year old boy was kept had been nailed shut. The search warrant says , “There was an injury to his head. There appeared to be a large burn on the thigh and he had streaks of what appeared to be blood on him.
The charges against the four include hiding Tammie Garlin’s body and the abuse of the 11 year old boy. The boy told authorities he was repeatedly burned with hot water by the four, including by his sister Felicia, who laughed as she burned him.
The boy said the four would tie his hands behind his back and his legs together and then put him in the bathtub where they would run scalding hot water over him, the complaint said. During such occasions, they would threaten to drown him.
The boy said they also scalded his mother who was found murdered in the back yard, she to was forced into the closet.
His sister, Clark and Sisk also strangled him multiple times, and pinched and kicked him in the stomach and face, the boy told authorities.
The boy said he was whipped almost daily with a belt and extension cords, and typically forced to get naked and locked in a closet in his sister’s bedroom, where she slept.
Law enforcement officials have said it was the worst case of child abuse they’ve seen.
The boy also told authorities that, at first, his mother participated in abusing him, but the she herself became a victim of the same abuse, sometimes being scalded with him in the bathtub.
A 15 year old girl and three adults were charges Wednesday with murdering the girls mother, burying her body and torturing the girl’s little brother. The girl helped bury her mother, 36 year old Tammy Garlin.
Suspects Michael Sisk, Candace Clark and Micheala Clerc were indicted with a slew of charges. The three adults, all in their 20’s and the teenager were charged with a total of 43 counts altogether, Clark and Sisk were denied bail. Felecia Garlin is charged with murder as she was a full participant and not coerced.
Barbara L. Knox, MD Medical Director of UW Hospital Child Protection Program reports the following:
The physical examination of ACG….overall-grossly burned with significant new and old injuries from serial beatings and malnourishment. Specifically, ACG had large ulcerated area on the top of his scalp, multiple cutaneous injuries around the rest of his scalp, a front upper tooth missing, several other burn marks on his face and scalp, multiple burn and loop marks (from reported extension cord beatings) throughout the torso, burns on both hands and swollen arms , burn scars on his legs and knees, extensive burns on both feet. Dr. Knox also reports that some parts of the physical exam could not be completed because ACG’s injuries caused him too much discomfort for these portions of the exam. Dr. Knox also reports that ACG showed absence of significant muscle mass. ACG was unable to walk because of the extensive burns on his feet. The radiology exam of ACG showed abnormalities, likely due to dehydration. ACG’s final comment to Dr. Knox during his interview was “I don’t want to hurt no more.”
The interviews also reveal the individuals have been living in the following States over the past year: Florida, Maine Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado and Wisconsin.
Four children are in need of donations and here is where you can Make donations:
Amcore Bank, 611 E. Wisconsin St., Portage, WI -53901-
Portage National Bank, 2830 New Pinery Road. portage, WI -53902-
Associated Bank, 222 E. Wisconsin St. Portage, WI.,-53901-
Community Bank Portage, 2930 New Pinery Road, Portage WI, -53901-
U.S. Bank, Portage Downtown, 238 W. Wisconsin St., Portage WI -53901-


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