Predictors of a Batterer with the potential to be a Murderer

The most prominent lethality assessment was crafted by Jacquelyn Cambell of Johns Hopkins University. It relies on a 2003 study that compared hundreds of homicides committed by an intimate partner to hundreds of abuse cases where the victim lived.
1. The physical violence increases in severity or frequency over the last year.
2. The victim has broken up with the offender after living together during the last year.
3. The offender is unemployed.
4. The offender has threatened to kill.
5. The offender has used a weapon against the victim, or threatened the victim with a weapon.
6. The victim has a child who is not the offender’s.
7. The offender has forced the victim to have sex.
8. The offender has tried to choke (strangle) the victim.
Rugala, an FBI profiler turned consultants says, “It’s not an exact science but their are behaviors that can help predict homicide.”


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