President Barack Obama is considering
allowing a representative from each tribal nation located within the United States to have a seat at the United
Nations (U.N.) as full voting members in a decision that has taken the world by surprise. The plan would allow each indigenous Red Indian Nation currently referred to as
tribes? or bands to have a voice in international decisions regarding global peace and policy at U.N.
Headquarters in New York City and once and for all join the community of world as nations. Currently, tribes aredenied access to such a body, having been victims of over
518 years of a relatively unknown genocide? that the sponsor of such, the U.S. government who remain virtually in control on U.N. decision-making and veto power , was never too eager to reveal. The possible
decision would startle unprepared tribes and tribal councils as they would scramble to appear Nation-like? as they decide which national citizen would travel to New York to serve their nation on such a seat. Indigenous people anticipated change in governmental affairs once the
first Black African became president a fellow person of color, and wondered if the Obama administration would force their government to honor Treaties, that are supposed to
be protected from violation through Article VI of the United States Constitution. There was also great
concern from Indigenous activists that the government had
previously given Israel the occupying entity of nation of Palestine, over $40 billion per year in order to secure
the country as a base for Britain and U.S. oil removal from the region. Indians felt that while American troops now simply occupy Iraq in the heart of oil country, the need for the concocted state of Israel is not necessary, and American Indian tribes could instead receive the $40
billion in lieu of Treaty violations and as retribution for resources stolen from Indians by the U.S. since 1492.
Currently, tribes receive approximately $2 billion from
the government for programs and administrative costs. Allowing the voice of the Red Man into world affairs through U.N. full membership, voting, and possibly veto-power seats is a first step to recognizing Indigenous people as peoples and as true members of the human race.
The qualifications for membership in the U.N. as a nation,Tribal Nations > must have:
1) Their own language
2) Their own land
3) Their own culture or way of life
Currently, of all the
races of humankind, the white, black, brown, and yellow,
only the Red Race is denied a seat in the United Nations.


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