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Crisis Line

At any time of the day or night we have a crisis line just dial

1 (800) 236-7660.

You can also call (715) 588-7660

During normal business hours.

Some one is always here for you 24-7

Advocate Available

Hello, my name is Andrea and I have been a victim advocate at this program for nearly ten years now. I primarily work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assaults. I guess you could say that I specialize in legal advocacy, as I have worked through countless domestic violence and sexual assault trials through our local District Attorneys office. I have provided expert testimony in some pretty serious trials in the state of wisconsin. I also provide statewide education, law enforcement training, and I coordinate our local batterers program.

I just wanted to offer my assistance to anyone that may visit this site that may be in need of assistance, or may have questions that they want to ask. You can call the number provided here (we are a national referral networking program) or you can post a comment or send me a message at sa-advocate@hotmail.com.

I will do my best to assist you in anyway I possibly can. Thank you for visiting our site!